Our mission is to provide daily audios of successive writings from messengers of God. We will in succession provide one audio chapter each of each Old Testament (OT) history, OT wisdom / poetry, OT Prophet, New Testament (NT) Gospel, and NT Epistle. Then 10 paragraphs of catechism, and one chapter of church fathers, doctors, saints or apologists.

I met a childhood prodigy when we were both young men. The story of how he was discovered was truly fascinating. He clearly received this talent through a unique combination of his parents genetics. In spite of this amazing amount of natural talent, he still had to work hard to achieve greatness. Without that work, he wouldn't have become a noteworthy artist.

From the conviction that this world contains much foreshadowing of the lives we will have with God forever, it strikes me that all those entering into a deep relationship with God through a sincere faith in God's saving mercy through Christ are spiritual prodigies through rebirth caused by God's divinely merciful power.

And yet, like that artist I met years ago, I believe that unless we in faith turn from the worldly and toward the work of the spiritual/heavenly, and exercise/walk in the Spirit, how can we expect to grow closer to God as His children? And if we grow closer to God as His children, and practice what He would have us practice, wouldn't we experience amazing things as those born of someone truly great would experience?

To have this ever greater relationship with Him and spiritual experience with Him, all we have to do is rely on His mercy, and mercy upon mercy, and grace upon grace. Simply deeply wanting this relational depth and having faith that we can results in more joy than we could have ever thought to ask for or thought to have.

And we learn what we can do to grow in this amazing relationship through studying what He has given us through His holy messengers and becoming doers of those things. This takes work somewhat like the work that my artist friend put in, and yet our works are enabled the divine power of God given to us by His grace, and they were prepared beforehand by God our Father that we should walk in them.

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RSV Genesis 4, Job 4, Isaiah 4, Matthew 4, Acts 4, Catechism 31-40, Didache 4


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