Our mission is to provide daily audios of successive writings from messengers of God. We will in succession provide one audio chapter each of each Old Testament (OT) history, OT wisdom / poetry, OT Prophet, New Testament (NT) Gospel, and NT Epistle. Then 10 paragraphs of catechism, and one chapter of church fathers, doctors, saints or apologists.

Hello to my fellow busy siblings in Christ that love listening to God’s messengers along with me and want to keep listening to these recordings. I have no intent of ending this ministry, but I am transitioning the way I deliver the recordings in two phases. The first phase is to share a dropbox link where you can obtain the recordings for each date. The second phase, which I hope to finish as soon as possible, is a new website from private servers. I would ask that you email me at thom.ives@gmail.com to request the dropbox link if you want it. Please also have anyone you refer to Nuntii Dei request the link by email from me rather than giving them the link yourself. I will NOT be sharing their email with anyone. Having all listeners’ email addresses will allow me to inform all listeners of transitions as they happen. God bless you all, Thom

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